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Digital photography has become the main stream of photography thanks to:

  • advance in digital technology that enable price reduction of digital cameras, digital components like memory chips & cards as well as personal computer over the years
  • ease of use of digital cameras and the ability to instantly playback and review,
  • dramatically improved quality of image captured by digital cameras
  • basically zero cost in capturing and displaying images vs. the film cost and film developing cost
  • endless possibility of post-processing and image editing and manipulation with image editing software like Photoshop
  • photography knowledge has become much more accessible due to the popularity of internet

Digital photography has changed the way we take photographs

  • In the past, the number of photographs taken per event is limited due to the film cost and the cost of developing films and prints. With digital camera and digital photography, the cost of taking pictures is next to zero, it’s very common to take hundreds of photos in one outing or event. To vast majority, however, this also tends to build up the habit of taking photos too fast, too often without putting much thought or planning into it.
  • The instant review capability of digital camera allows instant feedback whether a photo exposure is good or not. There is less guess work involved which is a good thing. In the pass photographers need to be very good at predicting the shot and knowing when to compensate for the exposure effect.
  • Digital photography as well as the popularity of internet and social media network also change the way we share photos. Even though we take more photos now but the trend is we tend to print fewer photos. Most of the photos are stored in computer and shared with friends and family thought internet and social media network like Facebook.
  • To be good at photography nowadays requires computer knowledge and post-processing skills
  • Advanced digital camera especially high end DSLR has improved so much over the years that it offer high frame rate and high ISO (for low light situation) performance that we have never seen before. Some of the photos taken today by these advanced digital cameras will be extremely difficult and challenging if not impossible for the film camera to capture.
  • With digital camera, we can change the setting of white balance and ISO instantly which is very convenient for the situation that lighting condition changes frequently and drastically.
  • When camera got integration with phone, that is when digital camera got even more popular, most people carry phone almost all the time. The camera integrated allows us to take photos anywhere anytime.
  • Photography used to be an expensive hobby, digital camera make it much more affordable. Nowadays, kids take up photography at a younger age because of the near zero cost involved.

Fundamental of photography remains unchanged. 

Whether it is film or digital, a photograph is the result of the following sequences:

  • Photographer composes the photo through viewfinder or LCD,
  • Light of the scene coming in through the lens and it’s aperture,
  • The camera measure the light and the exposure,
  • The photographer clicks the shutter release button to take the photo,
  • The camera open the shutter curtain letting light coming in for certain amount of time,
  • The scene is recorded at the light sensitive media whether it’s film of digital sensor.

With continue improvement of the digital camera and photo editing software, it is exciting to see the development, changes and trends of photography moving forwards. Having said that, the fundamentals of photography like composition, lighting, etc. remains largely unchanged and it is important for anyone who like to learn photography to pick up these knowledge. We will continue to share knowledge, trend and news about digital photography here at online digital photography.